For those of you who were unable to attend this month’s General Meeting, take a look at the minutes below. Keep an eye out for more information soon regarding the MARAC Conference, road trip planning, and apparel orders!

SAASC General Meeting

24 January 2013

In Attendance:
Justin Mitchell, Mary McMahon, Carley Altenburger, Anastasia Matijkiw, Meg MacAvoy, Sarah McLean-Plunkett, Dave Erlander, Jonathan Hoppe, Matthew Sohner, Don Sailer, Katlynn Miller, Margaret Huang, Kerry Fulara, Julie Porterfield

Agenda Items and Actions

  • Meeting day and time: 3rd Thursday of the month, immediately following Archival Representation (2:45ish)
  • Communication: keep watching facebook, e-mail, bulletin boards
  • David Grinnell, tour of ASC: Thursday morning sometime 
  • MediaPreserve: Tuesday of Spring Break
  • MARAC: April 25-27; options: book hotel rooms or stay in Westfield, NY with Mary’s family; student membership is $20; solid commitment by 14 February to saascpitt.edu
  • Website: wordpress site is up; structured to write posts about research, field placements, internships; share why I chose Pitt for Admitted Students Day; contact Anastasia to post
  • DC/Philly/ Ottawa Trip: Anastasia making case for Philly; Marge has contacts at Archives of American Art; timing between Spring and Summer terms; Anastasia making survey for destination
  • David Wallace: Wikileaks talk on Friday, March 29th 
  • iWeek: headed by ASIST; SAASC Scavenger Hunt– reaches outside the iSchool: use photos from the archives to lead to different locations on campus
  • SNAP Ask an Archivist: anonymous Q/A, use it!
  • Hoodies: Logo placement: front; Colors: charcoal grey with light blue logo ; price: ~$25
  • Social: Thank Meg for opening her home for the Christmas Party; Matt nominating Meg as Social Chair, she accepts; All vote Meg as social chair
    • SAASC Prom: prom-wear highly encouraged, include other student groups; charity-based social events
  • SAASC Pins: for wearing at conferences, and other professional situations

Minutes provided by Mary McMahon, 24 January 2013


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