If you missed our February meeting, check out the minutes below!

SAASC General Meeting

21 February 2013

In Attendence:

Mary McMahon, Carley Altenburger, Anastasia Matikiw, Meg MacAvoy, Sarah Hallett, Dave Erlander, Julie Porter, Margaret Huang, Don Sailer, Pat Trembeth, Sarah McLean-Plunket, Carly Lough, Mark Clements, Annie Land, Kerry Fulara

Agenda Items and Actions

    • SAASC will be paying for rooms Friday night; if you wish to attend Thursday workshops, you are on your own
    • More information will be sent out regarding carpooling, etc. shortly
    • Apply for scholarships via MARAC!
  • Media preserve tour
    • Tuesday of spring break, March 12th
    • Signup sheets will be passed out next appraisal class
    • Will be an all day event
  • Controlled Vocab talk
    • By Colin Rowe of Archimedia
    • Will be sometime in May
  • ASC Tour
    • Next Thursday, February 28th, 10:30am
    • Will be meeting a little before 10:00am in front of Hillman to take the shuttle to the Thomas Blvd. facility
    • Feel free to drive over yourself and meet us there
  • David Wallace lecture
    • March 29th
    • More information to come
  • Sweatshirts
    • Can still accept last minute orders; see Anastasia or the SAASC Facebook page for the order form
    • Road trip
      • Washington DC or Philadelphia
      • Will decide where to go based on contacts

Other Announcements

  • Social Event
    • Next Friday; Please see Meg MacAvoy for details
  • SAASC “Prom”
    • Admission money go to SAA disaster relief fund

Minutes taken by Carley Altenburger, 21 February 2013         


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